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Kyudo is a 2D side-scrolling roguelike game, where you will have to progress through self-generated and increasingly difficult levels!

Help our mysterious protagonist discover who he is and why he wears this strange mask which he cannot take off, but which gives him strange abilities.

Inspired by Japanese culture and folklore, Kyudo takes advantage of the randomness of level generation, including different items, which grant unique abilities, many of which can be combined with each other, making the game incredibly easy to beat with the right combination, or desperately difficult. In true Roguelike style!

With each run you will be confronted with nasty spiders of different species, bizarrely giant bees and immortal worms. Gradually advancing in the story of our protagonist and discovering a little more of his past.

Kyudo has just been born with this first demo. That is why right now many of the functionalities cannot be fully exploited. This is what it currently offers: 

  • Explore only a manually-generated level full of enemies
  • Get money by killing enemies or from the various destructible boxes or pots in the game
  • Find the shop and spend the money earned to get new items with different upgrades.
  • Look for the special scenario that will restore energy to continue the adventure.
  • Complete the tutorial to learn the controls of the game for the time being.

Kyudo is being created mainly by me (Joaquín García Piñero), although I am the one who is actually programming and designing the whole game, Kyudo would not be alive without the help of different freelancers with whom I have been collaborating. 

Professionals with whom I have been in contact and with whom I am using part of my savings and free time in this hobby that I am passionate about, which is the creation of a videogame from scratch. 

Kyudo was born from my passion for Japanese culture and roguelike videogames. And thanks to my knowledge as a Software Engineer I am able to program many features of the game, and I make up for my lack of artistic skills with freelance people.

I'm quite regular and I'll be publishing all the news about the videogame mainly on twitter, where the indie gaming community moves the most, linkedin, Instagramfacebook. Of course itch.io itself will be posting updates from now on.

And also in my personal twitter account, I'll be publishing a bit in my own way the difficulties, crazy things, gifs and other things that happen to me. Of course, being my personal account, I usually publish things in my mother tongue, which is Spanish. 


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