Released 0.1.0-prealpha version!

The following changes have been included with the release of this new version: 

  • New mechanics! Bomb throwing, with an area of effect.
    • Animation of the protagonist for throwing grenades both on the ground and in the air. 
    • Explanation in the tutorial on how to throw these new grenades. Key 'E' by default.
    • Added grenades as rewards throughout the level.
  • New properties of statistics modified by objects. Luck, number of bombs and skills.
  • New animation of the entry title for the first level. Officially the first level that is playable right now will be called "Kihara Forest".
  • New item added to the shop! This new item will allow you to drop available bombs when using the Dash action. Use with caution!
  • New playable section within the level. An area that will be a swimming pool the whole level with spiders shooting at us from the ceiling.
  • When an enemy stands below life UI, it will become transparent.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the first time you entered the level it would default to the lowest resolution. 


Kyudo_Demo_0.1.0-prealpha.rar 84 MB
Jun 29, 2022

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