Released 0.3.1-prealpha version!

VGComic attendees have been heard!!! 

Thanks again to everyone who attended this event in Alicante and gave me feedback (and found bugs ;) ). Here you have the result, and I've rushed to fix several bugs and small improvements that came out from talking to you. Thanks again for all your love and support! I hope to see you again soon in another event!

The following changes have been included with the release of this new version: 

  • Added character jump on the W key in addition to the space bar.
  • Enemies now lose your focus and reset their positions when they leave the stage containing them.
  • Character speed has been reduced a little (not too much).
  • Remaining enemy corpses can now be destroyed if you hit them again!

Bug fixes:

  • Stats are now reset between games, before they stayed saved even if you started a new level.
  • The pool of items that appear in the shop is no longer emptied with each game.
  • The spiders sometimes flashed the sprite when they couldn't reach you.
  • With the modern arc the trajectory visually stayed when you used the portal and it looked weird.
  • The protagonist's life UI did not become transparent in the battle against the boss.
  • When an enemy was following you and there was a jumping mushroom in the way, it stopped following you.


Kyudo_Demo_0.3.1-prealpha.rar 121 MB
Oct 19, 2022

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Te ha faltado añadir el dash en otra tecla :P
Muy buena noticia los cambios y mejoras.
¡Ánimo con el proyecto!

Si falta eso también, pero es porque estoy ya trabajando en añadir opción de controles e integración con mando :D 

Muchas gracias por tu comentario! <3