Released 0.4.0-prealpha version!

Gamepad controllers integration!

Also due to feedback that many people prefer to play with a gamepad, Kyudo will be no less!

The following changes have been included with the release of this new version: 

  • Doors leading to lower levels will now display the combination of buttons you have to press to cross them!
  • Now you can play Kyudo with PS4, Xbox and others no official controllers on PC!

Bug fixes:

  • Sometimes when you buy a new item if you go to Inventory section on pause menu it crashes.
  • Fixed bug with portals where if you are shooting and throwing bombs to it while you are inside also it crashes. (To avoid this I have decided to remove the behaviour of the vortex absorbing arrows and bombs)
  • Improved performance with calculation of A* algorithm.
  • Improved memory leak with slots of the inventory.
  • First level loaded was not loading the camera settings properly.
  • Jump action can be loaded while you are in pause menu.

Thanks to everyone to be here with other cool release!! 🕹️


Kyudo_Demo_0.4.0-prealpha.rar 121 MB
79 days ago

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